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Market Timing Model Training Video

Market Timing Model Based on patterns that predict with high correlation. Found through in-depth analysis and data science experiments.

1970 – 2021 Model grew wealth 4.8x vs. Buy & Hold

2000 – 2021 Model grew wealth 2.6x vs. Buy & Hold

What does it take to use the market timing model?

5-10 minutes per week to assess market investment status.

When market turbulence occurs, 5 minutes of daily index charting

How does the market timing model work?

Equity index chart is broken into 7 stages of investment cycle. A sell equity stage starts the cycle to move investment position into cash. Model logic rules will advise when to get back into equity index.The model works by selling ahead of a big correction, then buying back at a great time:

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What You'll Learn

Learn how to apply the models to your investments!

Live training videos walk you through live execution examples

Market timing model market secret formula

Model based on patterns found to predict the market performance reliably and consistently over a 50-year period

How the market maintained position in before severe down turns in ‘73 – ’74, October – November 1979, March 1980, October 1987 Black Monday, 2000 – 2001, 2007 – 2009, August 2011, 2015, 2017, February 2020

Learn how the market timing model pivoted in cash in September 1987 and then invested back in at the bottom of the correction

Step by step instructions on how to use the market timing model with illustrative examples on model transactions

When to sell equities and move into cash

When to buy back into equities: Buy-back evaluation process

Process flow illustrations of sells, buys prevented, and all buy backs!



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