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Want to practice and build your skill using the Ludicrous stock model?

Disclaimer: Past performance does not guarantee future results

Ludicrous Returns

Stock Model Training Video

Ludicrous Stock Model developed to:

Screen for best stocks (Top 15%)

Screen for stocks to avoid

Identify when to buy or sell to optimize gains

2007 – 2020 Simulation Test Results:

44.5% Model average annual return vs. 11% S&P500

Initial $ 10K grew to $1.476 Million (147x original investment)

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Ludicrous Returns Stock Model Output Spreadsheets

Other reasons model able to generate such Game Changer Returns?

Keeping capital invested in only the best of the best stock investments available at all times

Automatically converting to cash when there are not investment opportunities available

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Market Timing Model Training Video

Accumulate wealth faster by pivoting between S&P500 index and cash at the right times

Simulation test 1970 – 2021: Model accumulated 4.8x wealth of buy and hold

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Market Timing Model Output Spreadsheets

On Black Monday, October 19, 1987, the S&P500 index lost 28% in one day! The market timing model cashed out of S&P500 index on September 4th 1987, and back into the market on November 2nd 1987.

Did you lose a lot in the 2000 – 2001 recession? Did the market and your stock investments catch you by surprise when the first big correction hit in April 2009? What if you sold before then?

2008 Financial Crisis: What if you had a market timing model that guided you to sell in July 2007, and not buy back into the market until March

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1970 - 2021 Test Simulation Stock Model Output spreadsheets

Ludicrous Returns vs. The Market eBook

Build a high performing stock portfolio

Use stock model to screen for top 15% of stocks

When to Buy best of the best stock

When to sell

How to use the market timing model to boost performance timing the market

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